An Amazing Free Magic Trick With a Wrist Watch

Magicians, Mentalists, and Mind Readers have always liked performing magic tricks with watches. So, here is an amazing magic trick with a wrist watch that will completely blow their minds! It is easy to do and is suitable for both beginners and experienced magicians. With the right presentation, it is a reputation-maker!

How It Looks To The Audience

The magician removes his watch from his wrist and gives it to a spectator to hold. It is a watch with a watchband and not a strap. He then asks the spectator to take a piece of rope and tie each end to one of his wrists, so it resembles a pair of handcuffs. The magician takes the watch from the spectator and turns his back for a few seconds. When the magician turns around again, the spectator is amazed to see the watch is hanging from the middle of the rope!

The watch cannot be removed until the spectator unties the rope from the magician’s wrists.

How The Trick Is Done

To perform this great trick, you will need two identical watches and a piece of rope about three feet long. The watches should have expandable watchbands and you can purchase nice-looking watches quite cheaply (15-20 dollars or pounds) in discount stores. You will also need to wear a long-sleeved shirt or a jacket.

Prepare by slipping one watch on your left hand and push it up your sleeve, so it is not visible to the spectators. You can wear the other one normally on your wrist.

Begin the trick by taking off the watch on your wrist and giving it to a spectator to hold. Then take out the piece of rope and ask the spectator to tie one end around your left wrist and the other end around your right wrist. Make sure that you ask him to tie the ends tightly. When he has finished, you should be left with about two feet of rope between your hands.

Take the watch from him and turn your back towards him, so no one can see what you are doing. When your back is turned, slip the watch inside your shirt just above your waistband or into the inside pocket of your jacket. Keep your elbows close to your body as you are doing this, so no one can tell what your arms are doing.

After you have done this, slip the duplicate watch down your arm, over your hand, and onto the rope. Leave it sitting on the middle of the rope.

Turn around and show the spectator that you have managed to thread the watch onto the rope, even though your hands were tied. Tell the spectator that you managed to cause the watch to penetrate right through the rope.

The spectator will be amazed and have absolutely no idea of how the trick was done!