Bare Midriff For Belly Pops, Rolls, and Vibrations – Belly Dancing

Dancers have folded dollar bills, flipped coins, or rolled a variety of objects to demonstrate the rolling action of the abdominal muscles, or will balance objects like the sword or the cane as an attention-grabber to acquire publicity.

However, not every belly dancer is interested in performing these abdominal movements. A two-piece costume needs to be worn in order for the audience to see these particular movements.

Doing belly pops, rolls, and vibrations is a lot of fun, and actually quite a challenge requiring much effort, time, and practice.

People are curious to know how to perform these movements. Men and boys are particularly good at performing these movements with ease. The reason for this is the thought that girls and women are indoctrinated to have flat abdomens and it is difficult to start expanding your abdominal area with this thinking. But all females can do these movements as well as the males. It will take more discipline, determination, patience and practice.

How To Do A Belly Roll

Doing this movement will help you to realize how disciplined and focused the dancer must be in order to accomplish this isolated movement. This is an excellent movement to exercise your intestines and relieve constipation.

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and bare your abdominal area to see the movement.
  2. Warm up the abdominal area by pushing the entire abdominal area out and then pull it inward. This will be done slowly at first. As the muscles respond to your commands the pushing and pulling will get easier. Have fun with this by playing drumming music and keeping time to the beats. This movement is known as the belly pop.
  3. The belly roll itself is not really rolling; it is creating the illusion of rolling. After completing your warm-up exercises, it is time to isolate. Push out the belly or upper abdominal area while pulling in the lower abdomen or intestinal area. Then reverse by pulling in the upper abdomen, and pushing out the lower abdomen. Continue to repeat. This will take concentration, patience, practice, and time. After mastering this isolation the abdominal area will respond.

Tip: Focus by placing a finger or your hand on the belly when commanding the upper and lower abdomen. Feeling the muscle respond under your finger or hand helps to confirm that you are in the right area especially when working without a mirror.

How To Do Abdominal Vibrations:

Purse your lips slightly and pant like a puppy. Practice in short periods of time as you may become light headed. When first learning to do this cover your mouth with your hand in order to not have people see how you are doing this maneuver.

After you are able to perform this movement, remove your hand from your mouth. Some people have a problem with their nostrils flaring. If this should happen to you, notice the panting breath and control it at the point where the nostrils do not flare.

Studio Owner Job Description – Belly Dance

Many people enjoy belly dancing lessons and taking part in performances. After gaining experiences in teaching and performing, you feel that you are qualified to open a business. Do you want to open a studio in a home environment or do you want to lease a commercial location?

There are many excellent reasons to teach in a home; however, zoning regulations may not permit it. During the early stages of beginning this business. It is to your advantage to use an attorney for legal advice.

Research a location in a commercial zoning area that provides a safe area for student parking. Rent or lease a former studio or select a space that can be setup to meet the needs of the classroom.

A major consideration is money. Most small businesses need a minimum of five years to succeed. There are many beginning costs and unexpected expenses which arise in the first year of business. Will your bank account be able to cover these expenditures when the school income cannot pay obligations and your salary?

We love this dance art and we want to share our knowledge with others for an affordable fee. You need business education. Raising capital is the priority in owning a business.

Teaching is one part of creating revenue for the school. Other money-making outlets keep additional funds for secure operation. Make a list of all money-making ventures. Calculate the number of students to secure a stable revenue. List other ventures to supplement the basic income?

Keep a savings account and insurance to cover unexpected necessities and emergency expenditures.

It is important that you invest with personal monies and acknowledge your capabilities to create other income. Do not borrow money. It may help as a temporary solution, but it will add to an ongoing debt.

Traditional lending institutions such as banks consider the entertainment industry as high risk and will say “no” to a loan. Using credit cards will add debt with interest rates.

Avoid borrowing monies from family and friends. Often they are the last to see their monies returned and hurt feelings will prevail and loss of friendships.

You are in the business of people. Keep them happy. Other methods to support your business are original ideas, solutions, and business knowledge.

Summary: Work your brain to think out of the box with creative ideas of making improvements to increase student capacity. Bookkeeping, contracts, and record keeping is on a routine schedule. Dancers do not find these daily tasks enjoyable or exciting, but regardless of your personal emotions, do it. If you ignore financial details how will you know if you are making profits or losses? You need to know of spent and received monies.

Street Magic Revealed in Type – A Quick Guide to Street Magic

Street magic really derived from traditional form of entertaining which was basking. Magicians in that day to draw drew passers-by and entertained them for minutes in return for a certain amount of money. In order to pay for their lifestyle, they would pass a hat around in order to obtain money at the end of the performance

The shows would often comprise of a range of different skills, for example sleight of hand, card magic, and sometimes mentalism. It is often said by true street performers that the skill is not in the trick, but in-fact in keeping the audience entertained and obtaining money.

It is an art that is over 3000 years old therefore one of the world’s oldest professions. Although not well documented throughout literature several artists and commentators have provided some valuable insights into street magic and magicians. Notably Hieronymous Bosch depicted magicians performing magic trick in some of his paintings.

The world’s most famous street magician in the 1960s and 70s was a magician called Jeff Sheridan who is based in New York. One of the most famous books on the subject was his 1977 book called Street Magic which was a bestseller. One of Sheridan’s most famous pupils was the young David Blaine who found Sheridan performing in Central Park and went on to be the most famous street magician today.

Other notable performers include Criss Angel who had a popular TV show Mindfreak which brought him fame and fortune. Tricks that Criss has performed include levitation above the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas and floating between two buildings. He also caused a Lamborghini to disappear which is more similar to David Copperfield style of magic than that of Street magic.

Criss Angel appeared in a reality show called phenomenal when he was on a panel. He had an interesting altercation with a paranormal Jim Callaghan where he challenged Jim to tell him what was in his envelope. Jim got incredibly angry and called him and ideological bigot. One further time during the show, Angel challenged Uri Geller to predict what was in his unlike and Geller failed.

Criss Angel and David Blaine have both been very successful street magic performers but ultimately have found that Street Magic skills are useful only really on the street, and to be a globally successful magician, one must develop bigger tricks. This is why we see over the top tricks by Angel and Blaine who have gone to great lengths to create stunts such as starving oneself or indeed freezing oneself.

Ultimately it is more interesting to see street magic revealed live than see it on television, however programs created by magicians such as David Blaine were groundbreaking at the time.