Sexy and Sensual Belly Dancing Costumes

How do you define the words sexy and sensual? These two words have different meanings for different people. The belly dancer wears her costume according to her intentions. For instance, she may wear her costume to entertain her husband or lover for an intimate evening. She would not wear this costume for public display.

The performing belly dancer wears a costume coordinated to reflect a culture and its music. We do not consider a folkloric costume sexy to a dancer. It is a full body cover as worn by a particular Middle Eastern tribal culture and history of a people. Male onlooker may view it as sexy.

Sensual is enjoying our human senses of seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and touching. The costume may be pretty and nothing more to the dancer, but an onlooker may consider her choice to be sexy and suggestive. It seems to matter not how a dancer sees herself, but how the individuals in the audience see her.

Costumes have changed from its beginnings of cotton and wool. Today there is an array of assorted fabrics from which seamstresses stitch costumes.

How a dancer selects her costume:

  • The style, fabrics, and colors are personal for the dancer to look her best.
  • Much research and planning goes into a costume.
  • Proper fit and secure fasteners to avoid any mishaps.
  • Dance style: folkloric, ethnic, or cabaret (night club).
  • Music selections of Egyptian, Moroccan, Lebanese, Turkish, Armenian, or other.
  • Availability of accessories from head to toe.
  • The costume has to make sense with the music and choreography.
  • No restrictive movements to handicap movements of veil, sword, or cane, or other props.
  • Correct footwear: bare feet, anklets and foot jewelry, sandals, or heels.
  • Hairstyles, headdresses, and jewelry appropriate to the costuming.
  • Facial makeup, tattoos, and other skin adornments for different costume styles.

There are occasions when a woman wants to feel and be a woman. This dance helps with natural female sensitivity and emotional desires. Women are sensual creatures and this dance is an outlet for mental, physical, emotional, creative, and spiritual sensations. She needs to feel free and alive with her femininity. She may dance alone in the privacy of her home or with other women to enjoy the pleasures of her senses without judgment or negative critiquing.

People have strange ideas of what belly dancing is about. I will not deny that there will always be a “sexy” stigma. This notion will always exist.

The women who have experienced dancing to the exotic music of the Middle East enjoy the passion, heartfelt desires, and overall sensual sensitivity of our mental and physical senses to the exciting rhythms of an ancient dance. This dance is designed by, for, and with women and it will continue to survive into future centuries.

Belly Dancing Or Not

Belly dancing for many women is fun, fun, and more fun. The American female thoroughly enjoys the dance movements and the exotic music of the Middle East. But when she mentions that she will be taking classes, often times it is not well received by family and friends.


Malicious stories, false stereotypes, and misinformation about this dance discourages potential students. Being a belly dancer is America does not automatically mean being a stripper or a prostitute. (Unfortunately, these viewpoints do exist in Middle Eastern countries.) American women enjoy dancing and this art form offers enjoyable freestyle physical movements to music.

The challenge of accomplishing muscle control and certain athletic maneuvers is an attractive feature. Belly dancing is not for everyone as it is considered a difficult and complex dance. For this reason, the faint of heart do not pursue it or take part in it.

Dance enthusiasts who do love the challenges of this art form and have the commitment, discipline, and patience to accomplish and succeed in learning this ancient dance become addicted to its rewards. Thousands of women worldwide practice this dance for either personal satisfaction or for a professional career.

Why does a man climb a mountain? Why do women want to belly dance? Because they are attracted to it, are compelled to pursue it, and enjoy doing it.

The interests by American women awakened the dance history of the Middle East. In the earlier years these women copied the dances of the Middle East and as they learned the reasons for this dance they started to develop their own techniques in both cabaret and tribal styles.

During the last fifteen years women who have had a tribal interest have designed their idea of folkloric dancing, now known as ATS or American Tribal Style. Folkloric refers to how a culture expresses itself. Cabaret and oriental refer to self-expression originating from the individual.

Through the years there is more influence in the Middle East from the American style than the reverse. Much of the costuming in the Middle East has also originated from the western world. The same is happening as this dance moves through other countries.

It is important to note that this dance is designed by women, for women, and by women. This art form will change its many styles as women advance their creativity and imagination. There is no comparison between the ancient originals and today’s styles.

Most students learn cabaret first, then tribal. Attending performances help students to identify the different styles and as they advance they are welcome to learn how to do others.

Bare Midriff For Belly Pops, Rolls, and Vibrations – Belly Dancing

Dancers have folded dollar bills, flipped coins, or rolled a variety of objects to demonstrate the rolling action of the abdominal muscles, or will balance objects like the sword or the cane as an attention-grabber to acquire publicity.

However, not every belly dancer is interested in performing these abdominal movements. A two-piece costume needs to be worn in order for the audience to see these particular movements.

Doing belly pops, rolls, and vibrations is a lot of fun, and actually quite a challenge requiring much effort, time, and practice.

People are curious to know how to perform these movements. Men and boys are particularly good at performing these movements with ease. The reason for this is the thought that girls and women are indoctrinated to have flat abdomens and it is difficult to start expanding your abdominal area with this thinking. But all females can do these movements as well as the males. It will take more discipline, determination, patience and practice.

How To Do A Belly Roll

Doing this movement will help you to realize how disciplined and focused the dancer must be in order to accomplish this isolated movement. This is an excellent movement to exercise your intestines and relieve constipation.

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and bare your abdominal area to see the movement.
  2. Warm up the abdominal area by pushing the entire abdominal area out and then pull it inward. This will be done slowly at first. As the muscles respond to your commands the pushing and pulling will get easier. Have fun with this by playing drumming music and keeping time to the beats. This movement is known as the belly pop.
  3. The belly roll itself is not really rolling; it is creating the illusion of rolling. After completing your warm-up exercises, it is time to isolate. Push out the belly or upper abdominal area while pulling in the lower abdomen or intestinal area. Then reverse by pulling in the upper abdomen, and pushing out the lower abdomen. Continue to repeat. This will take concentration, patience, practice, and time. After mastering this isolation the abdominal area will respond.

Tip: Focus by placing a finger or your hand on the belly when commanding the upper and lower abdomen. Feeling the muscle respond under your finger or hand helps to confirm that you are in the right area especially when working without a mirror.

How To Do Abdominal Vibrations:

Purse your lips slightly and pant like a puppy. Practice in short periods of time as you may become light headed. When first learning to do this cover your mouth with your hand in order to not have people see how you are doing this maneuver.

After you are able to perform this movement, remove your hand from your mouth. Some people have a problem with their nostrils flaring. If this should happen to you, notice the panting breath and control it at the point where the nostrils do not flare.