Things to Look Out for When Choosing the Ideal Tap Dance Syllabus

Tap dance is fun to watch and more enjoyable when you are able to perform it. There are also some health benefits that are associated with those that choose to engage in it. It increases the strength, coordination, flexibility, as well as cardiovascular conditioning. This is a dance that has to do with a lot of leg and foot movement and this improves the flexibility, especially in the ankles, the hips, and the knees. The cognitive abilities are also improved to a great extent since it requires one to have muscle and mental memory.

Anyone engaging in this dance need to have a great sense of rhythm and timing. There is a need to incorporate the stress and the combinations as they focus on the music. This is a dance that can be done alone and without a partner and still be enjoyed. It is therefore important to choose a program that will help you start well.

The level

This dance is not only for the kids. This can be customized to suit all ages as well as fitness levels. This is to mean that all adults can also engage in the programs and enjoy the benefits. This means that when one is selecting a program, there is a need to check the age for which it is meant.


To be good, you need skills. Without guidance, one may have a hard time teaching or learning the movements. For a program to be the best, it needs to have a guide that is comprehensive and one that can be used for the steps, the rhythms, and the exercises. Having an instructional video makes it easier for the trainers and the learners to get correct combinations as they dance and also perfect them.


You never complete any dance without some music. This is needed for the combinations and the steps. When you are choosing a program, it should have some tracks that accompany it. These need to be complete and have the correct tempos and styles that are suitable for the group they are designed for. Choosing music can be tricky and so it is necessary to have a program that includes everything, especially for new learners who do not know much about the strategies.

It does not really matter whether you want to learn to teach. Choosing the correct programs is very important. You need to settle for a program that has all the insights that are professional so as to perfect the dance.

There are things you need to consider when choosing a studio. You need to understand that choice can make all the difference. You need to make sure that you and/or your child get the greatest enjoyment as well as experience that come with such programs. Some of the best institutions take part in dance competitions. This means that anyone taking part will be able to get a competitive advantage. However, it should not be only about competitions because you may end up concentrating on a single dance but not really dancing. It is important to start with the highest quality learning before they can engage in any professional career.

Choosing The Best Performing Arts Programs: Yale School of Drama

While you’ve probably heard of Yale University, how about the Yale School of Drama? In fact, it’s become one of the top Drama Schools in the entire world. The more you know about the program, the more likely you’ll be to become a part of it.

It all began in 1924. That’s when Yale University founded its Department of Drama within its School of Fine Arts. It was the result of a donation from Edward S. Harkness, who had earned a B.A. from Yale in 1897. The Department of Drama’s first class began taking classes in 1925. Later, Yale began offering a Masters of Fine Arts, in 1931. And in 1955, the Yale School f Drama became an individual professional school of Yale University. By this time, the school was offering both a Masters and Doctorate in Fine Arts.

Here are some of the biggest features of the Yale School of Drama

1. Repertory Theatre

This is certainly one of the drama school’s most prominent features. For decades, the theatre has featured the productions of both classic and original plays. Interestingly, it was one of the first resident theaters whose works were later transferred to the world of commercial theatre-including Broadway. This practice has made the Repertory Theatre one of the most innovative ones in the USA.

2. Faculty

Another forte of the Yale School of Drama is its outstanding faculty. Its most notable faculty members have trained their students in areas such as Design, Playwriting, Directing, and Acting. The School of Drama’s faculty members are the essence of the school, as they’re responsible for shaping future professionals in the industry.

3. Alumni

Several renowned professionals in the theater, TV, and movie industries have graduated from Yale University’s School of Drama. Some of the most notable alumni include:

Angela Bassett: Boyz n the Hood (1991), Malcolm X (1992)

Paul Newman: Hud (1963), Cool Hand Luke (1967), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), The Sting (1973), Slap Shot (1977), The Color of Money(1986), Road to Perdition (2002)

Ed Norton: Primal Fear (1996), American History X (1998), Fight Club (1999)

Sigourney Weaver: Alien (1979), Aliens (1986), Wall-E (2008), Avatar (2009)

Meryl Streep: Too many to list!!!!!

4. Tradition

Not only is the Yale School of Drama one of the top drama schools in the USA, but it also has the nation’s second-oldest theater association in colleges. In fact, the Yale Dramatic Association was founded over a century ago, in 1900. Afterwards, the association put on several productions, including both classic and original plays.

5. Structure

This is yet another of the main features of the Yale School of Drama. Students of the school spend their mornings taking classes. Then in the afternoons, the students prepare for productions of the School of Drama and Yale Repertory Theatre. The students also spend time watching productions of their colleagues. While the schedule is hectic, it helps to produce outstanding professionals in the industry.

Not only is Yale one of the oldest university’s in the USA, but it also boasts of one of the oldest and best Drama Schools as well.