Tips to Learn Mentalist Mind Tricks

Mentalism is really pretty impressive when you look at some of the pros’ performances on TV. Some of what they do seems so unreal.

The difference between a lot of magicians and mentalists is that magicians let their subjects know that they are indeed performers. In other words, they don’t have any superpowers or a sixth sense so to speak. However, a lot of mentalists choose to make their subjects believe they do have some sort of special powers. Which we all know just isn’t possible. An example of this would be Uri Geller from years ago.

Many mentalists might claim they are psychic, telepathic, can hypnotize, levitate and can even read minds among other things… Like magically bend spoons, but it’s all just a performance actually.

So what are some of the important aspects of being able to learn mentalist mind tricks? What do the pros use to pull off their tricks? I’ll discuss a few things below that every mentalist should know.

Reading Body Language

Reading body language is a huge part of mentalism. This is especially true for tricks like reading minds, which is one of the most popular of all mentalist mind tricks. When learning mentalist mind tricks you must master reading body language. A practitioner must learn to pay attention to and decipher the minutest details in body language.

There are other professions that focus on reading body language. Psychologists are trained to read body language as well as many people who work in law enforcement like the police and the FBI.


How you go about your presentation in mentalism is also very important. Without proper presentation, some of your attempts at pulling off a mentalist trick could be ruined and end with embarrassment. Mentalists who are great at presentation are David Blaine and Criss Angel among many others. These guys have literally mastered presentation and because of it can fool scores of people all at once. So needless to say, as you learn mentalist mind tricks, make sure you master presentation.

Controlling Focus

When learning to perform mentalist mind tricks, it’s very important that a mentalist control their subject’s focus. Because if a mentalist loses control of this one important aspect of mentalism, their trick may be discovered.

Practice Daily

Finally, in order to learn mentalist mind tricks so that you can pull them off naturally, you must practice daily. Learning to read body language can be fun and you can develop this skill simply by watching people anywhere you are. – While at the mall, a restaurant, the gym, just make sure you don’t come off as creepy.

The Pitfalls of Impressing Women With Mind Reading & Mentalism

I’ve been performing mind reading and mentalism tricks on people for years and it took me a long time to realize something quite important about performing it on females if you want to actually impress them. There was one occasion where I learned the most from and I’ll share with you the story.

A couple of years ago I was at a friend’s house party. Naturally, like most gatherings I attend, a few of my friends pleaded with me to perform a few tricks for the guests. I say pleaded because they know I only perform when I’m in the mood to perform. Although I’m a performer by nature, to be truthful, sometimes I just cannot be bothered and don’t take kindly to people expecting me to perform like a monkey whenever they want me to.

Mind Reading and mentalism to me is a bit more special than to just randomly ‘do a trick’ whenever someone asks you to. I believe in the experience of the spectators and if I don’t think the mood is right, I won’t perform. That being said, this time I felt the time was right, it probably had to do with the 70% of attendees being rather beautiful females and one in particular really caught my eye.. so anyway..

I decided I WOULD perform some mind reading. I thought this would be a great way to get this young ladies’ attention.

So sat at a large table in the kitchen surrounded by about 10 people, and more importantly, the young lady I had my eye on and I proceeded to warm up with some ESP testing cards and rightly guessing which ESP symbol each volunteer had chosen. I could feel the spectators getting excited. I then moved onto a bit of playing card mind reading which involved reading the minds of volunteers and correctly guessing which playing card they chose. I also mixed in a bit of pseudo-psychological influence for good measure.

I could see it all going really well and the important female spectator was probably showing the most interest, asking me to ‘do her next’.. read her mind that is. So anyway, what happened next confused me for a good few days.

I decided I would try out a cold reading technique I had learned earlier that day, what that involved was asking them a very general statement that would either hit – and you’d have a miracle and miss – where you could brush it off as something that could happen in the future. For those of you who don’t know, cold reading is what psychics mostly use when they give one-on-one demonstrations of ‘psychic ability’ to people they’ve just met. So I said to her “Where’s the broken door?”

She looked at me puzzled, “What do you mean?”

So I said it again, “Where’s the broken door?”

Her puzzlement turned into downright shock and she ran out of the kitchen screaming to tell her best friend who was in another room. I found her in the other room explaining to her friend what I had just said and it was impossible for me to know. I found out that literally the week before, she had been locked in her bathroom because the lock on the door was faulty and she had to call down to her house mate to get help. I had performed a miracle.

I was almost shaking with excitement but my excitement was very short lived when for the rest of the night, she wouldn’t go near me because ‘I was just too weird’. Great.. she thought I was a freak.

So the morale of the story and to bring this to an end is be very careful what you perform and who you perform it on. If you’re trying to impress most women, don’t completely freak them out, unless the girl’s a bit weird, they probably won’t enjoy it. I’ve figured out the reason is that if they think you’re truly psychic they feel naked and exposed and can’t relax around you. This is probably why I don’t claim to be psychic and instead perform ‘psychological tests’.

Either way, experience will tell you which tricks and suited for which people. I have a trick in the ultimate mind reading manual I wrote called Stigmata 2.0 and it’s so powerful I will usually only perform it to the right people. I’ve scared a few women away with it let me tell you but then again, I’ve got a few numbers off it too.

I hope you can learn something from my story and think about your mind reading tricks to make them really special.