Theatre Burlesque Group Solves Clue Board Game Mystery With Seductive Deduction

Board Game Burlesque Adaptation

In a show such as Sweet Tooth Events produces with such a diverse and passionate calibration of talent among the entertainers, the best is always on stage in one portrayal of sensuality or another. In this steamy saga of the ‘Clue’ board game, the narrator and script fuelled the heated orgasmic suspicion around all the characters and spurred sassy suspense toward wicked wonder and lust quite well.

Mysterious Sexy Performers

The dinner guests were of course the ‘colourful’ Clue board game personas, but the snooty, uppity class demeanours were converged with the cheeky, provocative flirtatious of the burlesque artists. They brought the suspects to life in a very real, albeit censored way, and hid the gilded murder weapons in places closer to some other family jewels.

Between each act the unobtrusive ‘Shylock’ detective would step out of the shadows to scrutinize the chalk outline on the floor while calmly puffing away on her pipe. She would contemplate the scene and take notes on the quirky traits of all of the dinner guests, as well as the maid servants in order to reveal the predominant ‘who’ flavour in this spicy ‘whodunit’.

Arousing Detection Questions

I have a notion on some of the questions Detective Shylock might ask herself in this fatal male travesty.

  • Was Mr Green’s green beard real or was it real green glitter and does his carpet match those drapes?
  • Why did Mrs White smile so sweetly when she poured tea for the dinner guests if she secretly wanted to strangle them all?
  • Why did Miss Scarlet lie about wanting to be loved only by Mr Green when she fell head over heels for Mr Boddy and his cache of diamonds?
  • What does Professor Plum really teach and does she tutor her students on how to commit the perfect scandalous murder?
  • Why wasn’t Miss Peacock more discreet with the knife she hid in her garter that was clearly protruding a blade stained with blood red rhinestones.
  • What about the humble serving girl who was quietly dusting a lampshade and then leapt onto the dance floor with such verve that her gyrations knocked the baggy pants off old Colonel Mustard? And, was that a gun in his thong or was he just glad to see her?
  • Did she even notice when Mr Boddy sneaked in and liberated the guests of well-hidden evidence in his seductive mingling session?

Many unanswered questions abounded amid the throngs of thongs and pasties, but in the end the guilty burlesquer was caught and sentenced to perform in the finale.

Manly Boylesquer

As always, the synergy in this group of artists is one that infuses the audience with its intoxicating liveliness and gaiety in such a way that it’s no wonder you wake up still feeling sated in your sense of fun and enjoyment – it’s fun that has staying power!

I quite enjoy the amazing symbiosis between burlesque performers and their audience in that the more you goad them on the more spirited the performance for a greater exchange of excitement.

Like when you’re sitting in the front row where you can woot and wahoo at a the suave siren swivelling across the stage and he will knowingly oblige you with a sexy glance and then tease the buttons on his sequenced shirt until it falls to the floor only to reveal his manly rhinestone-studded pecs. Ooh la la!

Stage Awards – Recognition of Theatre Performances

Stage awards are given away for excellence in theatre and stage performances across various categories. The awards system differs from category to category – e.g. stage shows, musicals, dramas, operas and so on. Some have closed nominations monitored by a committee or board while some have open selection and nomination processes. The criteria for awards selection also varies across categories.

Let’s take a look at some of the 2016 Stage Award Winners. In December 2015 the shortlist was prepared and the final winners announced in January 2016. Categories such as Regional Theatre of the Year, London Theatre of the Year, and Fringe Theatre of the Year were some of them. Besides these, award categories like Producer of the Year, Theatre School of the Year, and Theatre Building of the Year appreciate the efforts of individuals, arts schools and theatre locations that contribute as a whole to the events.


A look at popular theatre awards in New York for instance bring up big names like:

• Tony Award

• Drama Desk Award

• Drama League Award

• Clarence Derwent prizes

• New York Drama Critics’ Circle prizes

• Theatre World Award

• New York Innovative Theatre prizes

And so on. Broadway in New York is home to the theatre industry in the country and is a prestigious name in theatre and stage shows. Some of the other awards from around the US are Carbonell Awards, Backstage West Garland Awards. Elliott Norton Awards, Ivey Awards, LA Weekly Theatre Award, NAACP Theatre prizes, Ovation Awards, Sarah Siddons prize and the like.


In the UK, London is the premier location for theatre and stage shows and some of the prestigious awards here are Laurence Olivier Awards, London Critics’ Circle Awards. Evening Standard prizes, Technical Theatre Awards.

While most of the above are given for individual performances in lead roles and for excellence in several technical aspects that go into the production, there are stage management awards that celebrate excellence and outstanding achievement in Production & Stage Management both individual and team.

The Schmidt and Jones Awards

These prizes are named after Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones, creators of the longest running show in American theatre history, The Fantasticks. An original Broadway production of the show ran for 42 years showcasing 17,165 performances. Honoring excellence in musical theatre produced by schools in Texas counties through a panel of judges that consist of theatre professionals and educators, the awards are given in many categories – individual and team performances, design, music, props, production etc. – but the awards are handed out only to students. The Schmidt and Jones Awards have provided the golden opportunity to North Texas theatre students to showcase their talent and skills and achieve recognition with a Tony prize feel.

The Ovation Awards

In Los Angeles, the Ovation prizes which was put together to celebrate and honor the theatre community, are the only peer-judged awards. Annually, 35 different categories are recognized and awarded through a voting system and receiving one of them is an absolutely significant recognition point for theatre artists and folks.

Navigate the World of Theatre Auditions With Dignity and Ease

Theatre auditions inspire intense fear and anxiety for some actors. Stage fright and fear of rejection are normal emotions to have, both for new and experienced actors. What is the key to successful theatre auditions? Unfortunately, nothing can guarantee a winning performance, but with a little bit of knowledge, you can show up and play your best role.

First and foremost, prepare. Fumbling over lines conveys a sense of unprofessionalism and may cause potential collaborators to question your work ethic and commitment.

Practice cultivating positive relationships with the theatre community, both with actors and the crew. You never know who can help you achieve your dreams or be a great co-collaborator. Theatre is not a nine-to-five job, but it is still of crucial importance to treat your colleagues with respect and to maintain a reputation of being a gracious actor to work with.

Show up with your full self. Bring your best to the table, and don’t expect your colleagues to coax brilliance out of you. Believe in yourself and your inner power, and shine from within.

Follow through on your word. Avoid being vague with commitments regarding your audition and callback times. Let your integrity speak for itself.

Be mindful of your apparel and the impression it makes. An outfit that is professional, comfortable, and expressive of who you are is best. Wear colors that make you feel comfortable and at ease. Be sure to avoid clothes that restrict your range of motion.

Avoid preconceived notions of how your audition will play itself out. Be prepared whether it is brief or goes much longer than anticipated. Expect the unexpected, and don’t let minor stressors break your groove.

Regardless of the outcome of your audition, accept the outcome graciously. Don’t try to change people’s minds or prove your worth. Simply accept that the fit wasn’t right and move on. Avoiding taking things personally will get you far in your theatre career and relationships.

As with all professions, sticking with your passions will give you the experience and knowledge you need to succeed in the performing arts. While theatre auditions can be intimidating, they are an amazing way to test the limits of who you are and who you can transform yourself into. By keeping a professional attitude and following the tips above, you can make your mark on the colourful world of theatre. If nothing else, you can pat yourself on the back for putting yourself out there.